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[Fanfic] Sunday

Jul. 18th, 2014 | 10:30 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

Title: Sunday
Genre: Friendship / romance
Rating: G
Summary: It's 8:00am on a Sunday morning.
Notes: For mashednothashed

8:00AM...Collapse )

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[Fanfic] Seasons Changing (1/4) - Summer

May. 28th, 2014 | 02:34 pm
mood: melancholymelancholy

TITLE: Seasons Changing - Summer
GENRE: Romance/angst/fluff
SUMMARY: The seasons change without fail. And Arthur knows that no matter what he does... this, too, will pass.
NOTES: Set post-WW2. Please forgive me for any historical inaccuracies!

Arthur isn't used to the silenceCollapse )

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[Fanfic] Talented Hands

Feb. 3rd, 2014 | 04:52 pm

Title: Talented Hands
Rating: G
Summary: Francis is sick of Alfred's pining and sends him to the hair salon across the street.
Notes: For
j_sasunaru_c's birthday!

Warnings: Cringe-worthy flirting, Al being a huge dork in love

Alfred crossed the street carefully, feeling jittery and anxious. According to Francis, his pining had become completely unbearable and the Frenchman had no qualms about kicking him out of the bakery with very specific instructions.

“Go and woo your potential lover,” he mimicked under his breath in the most horrendous French accent he could manage, “and get a haircut while you’re at it!”

Bonnefoy’s Patisserie, where Alfred worked, was directly across the road from Hedervary’s Hair Studio.  Both shops had large front windows with mostly unobstructed views, which allowed Alfred to gaze at the slim blond male working in the salon to his heart’s content.

He knew it seemed a bit creepy to be watching the man constantly, but it wasn’t as if he had ever planned on doing anything about his little infatuation. Until now.

The door tinkled softly as he stepped inside the salon. The lady at the front desk looked up, but Alfred’s crush continued to sweep the floor absently.

“Welcome! I’m Elizabeta. What can we do for you today?”

Alfred glanced at the blond male again. He couldn’t exactly blurt out I want to do him, no matter how true it was. “Um,” he said instead, “do I need to have an appointment? I just need my hair cut a bit.”

She flipped through her appointments book. “We don’t have anyone booked in for another half an hour or so. Arthur’s in charge of male haircuts and styling, so he’ll be the one to look after you. Arthur!”

The blond man finally looked up. Arthur. Alfred finally had a name to put to the face. And the body. And what a glorious body it was, especially up close. Alfred dragged his gaze from Arthur’s trim waist to the slight curve of his hips, and down further to the slight bulge—

“I’m up here,” Arthur said, unimpressed.

By God, he was English. With an accent. Alfred laughed awkwardly and looked up, only to stare into Arthur’s eyes. They were so green. As green as… grass. No, greener. As green as those little mint chips that Francis used to decorate cupcakes.

“Are you listening to me?” Arthur asked, frowning. God, he was beautiful. So much more beautiful in person. Up close. His skin was milky and flawless, his features delicate yet still masculine. Alfred wanted to cry.

“I’m Alfred,” he said instead, stupidly.

“Er—right.” Alfred could almost see the way that Arthur seemed to give up on him entirely.

“I’m going to take my lunch break now,” Elizabeta interjected, a knowing look on her face. “Look after our customer, Arthur!”

Arthur gave a long-suffering sigh. “Please come this way, Alfred.”

He said my name. Alfred could barely keep himself from swooning. The way Arthur pronounced it made it roll off his tongue like gently heated honey. He had the voice of an angel.

He didn’t even realise that he had been led over to the hair-washing stations until he was already lying down on the comfortable chair, looking up at Arthur upside-down.
“Um,” he said, “do guys usually get their hair washed? It’s just, I’ve never had my hair washed at one of these places before so…”

“Not usually, no,” Arthur replied, letting warm water run over Alfred’s hair. “But usually they don’t come in with what seems to be cake mix rubbed into their hair, either.”

“Oh, but—” Alfred trailed off as Arthur lathered his hands with a sweet-smelling shampoo and began working it into Alfred’s hair. His nails gently scraped against Alfred’s scalp soothingly, and the American slowly melted into the reclined seat. “Oh,” he said again, “wow, your hands are… great.”

“Er, thank you?” Arthur looked adorably confused, but continued to wash Alfred’s hair.

It was a struggle to keep himself from moaning in contentment and pleasure, but somehow Alfred managed. Alfred could have kissed Gilbert for starting that batter-slinging fight in the bakery’s kitchen, meaning that Alfred could come and have his hair washed by Arthur. Could have, except that he wanted to kiss Arthur.

Far too soon, Arthur was towelling Alfred’s hair dry and directing him to a seat. “Now, how would you like your hair cut?”

Alfred watched Arthur’s lips moving in the mirror. They were hypnotising. “Um, well, the same as it is now… but shorter?”

Arthur’s mouth twitched. “Of course. Shorter.”

The Englishman worked silently, trimming Alfred’s hair with deft fingers. Alfred watched in the mirror, mesmerised.

“Your hands are really… talented,” he mumbled. “I mean… you’re talented. At cutting hair. And washing it, too.”

Arthur made a stifled sound, then cleared his throat. “Thank you. I suppose.” He made one final snip and put his scissors down. “How is that?"

“Perfect,” Alfred breathed. “Just like you.”

A faint flush appeared on Arthur’s cheeks, gradually darkening until they were bright red. “Er, thank you.”

Alfred blushed. “I mean—um, so, how much do I owe you?”

He paid quickly, flustered and more than a bit awkward. Alfred tucked his receipt into his pocket and hurried back across the street to the safety of the bakery.
“Well?” Francis arched an eyebrow at him suggestively. “Did you get what you went for?”

Alfred slumped across the counter. “He’s so perfect,” he said seriously. “He’s too perfect. How can someone like that even exist?”

Gilbert came bustling out of the kitchen then, with a tray of freshly baked cupcakes. “Oh good, you’re back. Ice these for me, would ya?”

Alfred numbly accepted the icing bag and began to squeeze tight spirals of icing onto the tops of the cupcakes. “I could hardly even talk to him,” he confessed to anyone who would listen. “I just wanted to look at him forever.”

“Alfred, I worry about you.” Francis finished drying the mug he was holding. “But really—if I know Arthur, and of course I do, you won’t have gone through all that for nothing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Check the back of your receipt,” a new voice interrupted.

Alfred looked up, eyes widening when they caught sight of Arthur. Dumbly, he dug through his pocket until he found the receipt. Scrawled on the back of it was a phone number.

“I—Arthur—” he stammered.

“I’m on my lunch break,” Arthur shrugged casually, “I’ll have one of those cupcakes and an earl grey tea.” His mouth twitched again, before becoming a full-blown smirk. “By the way,” he said, gesturing at the half-iced tray of cupcakes by Alfred’s elbow, “you’ve obviously got verytalented hands, too.”

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[Fanfic] The Client

Jan. 18th, 2014 | 08:04 pm
mood: draineddrained

Title: The Client
Author: briaranise
Recipent: fuchs_usuk
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): USUK
Rating/Warnings: K; off-screen minor character death, slight violence
Summary: Alfred Jones is a close protection officer tasked with keeping his new client, Arthur Kirkland, and the orphaned Bonnefoy child in his custody safe. Falling in love was never part of the job description, but neither of them mind in the least.
Notes: A huge apology goes out to my recipient, fuchs_usuk! This was meant to be posted ages ago  but I've been swamped with things one after another. I hope you enjoy this fic regardless! Thank you to Mashy and Evvy my lovely darlings, without you guys listening to my whining this would never have been finished.
Alfred F. Jones wasn't sure what to expect when he knocked on his new client's front door.Collapse )

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[Fanfic] Something to be Thankful for

Jan. 21st, 2013 | 04:03 pm

TITLE:  Something to be Thankful for
AUTHOR: briaranise
RECIPIENT shadowfaeyre
GENRE:  Romance?
RATINGS/WARNINGS:  M for almost drunk sex, language
SUMMARY:  Moving is always hard. Moving to another country is another matter entirely. Arthur Kirkland isn't so good at coping.
NOTES:  I was so torn between your prompts -- they were all amazing! Sorry I couldn't stick to your prompt exactly, but I hope you enjoy this fic anyway. Merry (late) Christmas! Also a thank you t j_sasunaru_c  for always being there to listen to me whine and for beta-ing this for me! Please see the end of the fic for more detailed notes!

The night sky was only just beginning to lighten when the aeroplane finally touched down upon American soil.Collapse )

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[Fanfic] Lovers' Buff

Dec. 12th, 2012 | 12:41 am

Title: Lovers' Buff
Author: briaranise
Summary: When his Fantasia Online character is confronted with an in-game confession, Arthur Kirkland jumps to the conclusion that he’s finally dating Alfred F. Jones.
ating: G
Warnings: None?
Theme: Today

This silly little story was written for the usxuk 2012 Short Story Anthology project. Check it out over at the community! A lot of very talented people took part in it, so it's really worth having a read of. The illustration for my story was provided by the ever-lovely isoyamanami, so make sure you go over to her journal and have a look. She's a great artist, and I was really lucky to be paired up with her! Thanks to j_sasunaru_c for being my beta!

FreedomBurger has confessed to you. Accept/Decline?Collapse )

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[Fanfic] Explanations

Aug. 5th, 2012 | 07:24 pm

Title: Explanations
Prompt: Day 14 - 'Collision of Worlds'
Genre: romance/angst
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 1023
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Alfred is sick of not knowing where Arthur is.
Notes: I'm attempting to write a one-shot for each day that eventually connects up into an entire story. Because it was too difficult to make it in order according to prompts, the stories will be out of chronological order ;u; 

Too much space was a bad thing though, and he could already feel them drifting apart.Collapse )

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[Fanfic] Promises

Aug. 4th, 2012 | 08:04 pm

Title: Promises
Prompt: Day 13 - 'Once Upon a Dream'
Genre: romance
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 1455
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Alfred is late to their anniversary dinner for... reasons. 
Notes: I'm attempting to write a one-shot for each day that eventually connects up into an entire story. Because it was too difficult to make it in order according to prompts, the stories will be out of chronological order ;u; 

He wanted to trust Alfred though. Alfred had promised forever.Collapse )

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[Fanfic] Think of Me

Aug. 3rd, 2012 | 08:41 pm

Title: Think of Me
Prompt: Day 12 - 'I'll Make a Man Out of You'
Genre: romance
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 2341
Rating/Warnings: R. SEXY-TIMES.
Summary: Alfred is too paranoid to have sex. Arthur is horny and insecure. 
Notes: I'm attempting to write a one-shot for each day that eventually connects up into an entire story. Because it was too difficult to make it in order according to prompts, the stories will be out of chronological order ;u; 

I'm sorry if this isn't up to my usual standard or anything--stuff happened and I'm trying to distract myself by writing smut QuQ Still, I hope you enjoy my first attempt at writing a smut story ;u;

For Arthur, who was used to being showered with physical affection at least a couple of times a week, going for a substantial amount of time without any sex from Alfred was both worrying and frustrating.Collapse )


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[Fanfic] The Fight

Aug. 2nd, 2012 | 05:45 pm

Title: The Fight
Prompt: Day 11 - 'Someday My Prince Will Come'

Genre: friendship
Pairing(s): USUK
Word Count: 1454
Rating/Warnings: K+? Some vague violence.
Summary: Arthur doesn't need to be saved, but sometimes it's nice to know that someone cares.
Notes: I'm attempting to write a one-shot for each day that eventually connects up into an entire story. Because it was too difficult to make it in order according to prompts, the stories will be out of chronological order ;u; 

It wasn't hard to see that Arthur Kirkland was rather strange.Collapse )

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